Law Enforcement Academy Admissions Process & Qualifications

In order to enter the Brevard Police Testing Center candidate pool and apply for the Law Enforcement Academy at the Eastern Florida State College Public Safety Institute, you must meet the following qualifications without exception. These standards are mandated by the state of Florida and BPTC's Board of Directors.

All applicants must:

• Read through and ensure they meet the minimum standards approved by the Brevard Police Testing Center Board of Directors. These include being at least 19 years old, having a high school diploma or its equivalent and no felony convictions, plus other stringent requirements.

• Meet the minimum qualifications defined in Florida State Statute 943.13 and Florida Administrative Code 11b-27

• Pass the CJBAT examination or qualify for a CJBAT exemption if you have a two-year minimum associate degree or are a veteran with an Honorable Discharge. Your first step should be to request an appointment with a BPTC staff member to review your background and ensure you qualify to work as a law enforcement officer.

• Complete the Physical Abilities Assessment. All applicants are required to pass an updated version of the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) in order to be eligible to attend the Law Enforcement Academy at EFSC. The test is more challenging than in the past, timed and has a required qualifying score. We are providing advance notice so that applicants have ample time to develop their physical fitness levels to successfully pass the test. Click here to view the new requirements. Applicants having questions may call 321-433-5638 or email us at

• Arrange for fingerprinting and background check by calling the Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center at 321-433-5638.

• The EFSC Law Enforcement Academy Program requires two steps in its application process: the separate, limited access screening process handled by the BPTC and the standard student application to Eastern Florida State College, which can be completed online.

Important Notice: If you do not meet the state minimum standards, or the minimum standards of the Brevard Police Testing Center, you should not apply or pay for testing or screening.