EFSC Undergraduate Research Exhibition

Two research exhibition judges and student
Fall 2019 Research Exhibition winner Dyani Peterson explains her project on water contamination to the judges. Visit our EFSC Flickr album for more photos.

The Undergraduate Research Exhibition is held in the fall and spring semesters to give students from all academic disciplines an opportunity to showcase scholarly and creative works to the EFSC college-wide community. The Spring 2020 event is Wednesday, April 22, 2020 from 4 to 7 PM at the Melbourne Campus Student Union Conference Center, Building 16. Students may submit research projects at any stage — beginning, middle, or completed stages. Undergraduate research includes scholarly and creative projects in which students and at least one faculty or staff mentor are collaborative partners in examining, creating and sharing new knowledge or works in ways consistent with practices in the discipline. Students may register projects as oral, performing arts, poster or visual arts presentations.

Registration Information

All current undergraduate students can register as individual or group presentations using the online form by the April 17 deadline. The registration process requires submission of the research project title, abstract, presentation type and mentor information. If you have questions about presenting or registering for a future exhibition, contact Office of Undergraduate Research Coordinator Mary Garrett at garrettm@easternflorida.edu or 321-433-5535.

Presentation Information

Oral Presentation - Oral presentations are given by reading a paper or presenting information using PowerPoint slides. An oral presentation will briefly summarize research to convey thesis, argument, purpose, research methods, conclusions and relevance to field. Oral presentations are given at assigned time slots with 15 minutes alloted for the presentation and questions from attendees.

Performing Arts Presentation - Performing arts presentations include dramatic readings, dance, musical renditions and theatre along with an oral explanation of the work as a research project. The oral explanation should convey purpose, research methods, conclusions and relevance to field. Performance presentations are given at assigned time periods with 15 minutes for the presentation and to answer questions from attendees.

Poster presentation - Poster dimensions are 36”x 48”. The presentation title, student name(s) and mentor name(s) should be clearly visible at the top of the poster. Poster presentations are prepared in advance and brought to the Exhibition on the day of the event. The OUR will provide easels, foam boards and clips to display posters. Students will stand by their posters to discuss their project and to answer questions from attendees.

Visual Presentation - Visual presentations of ceramics, sculpture, painting and photography will be displayed on easels or tables, supplied by the OUR. Students may present a poster with drawings or photos to depict visual arts research project. Students should be prepared to discuss their work and to answer questions from attendees.