OUR Space for Student Research

The Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) at Eastern Florida State College provides dedicated research space for qualified students to work on approved projects. The OUR Space is for student research only. Location: Melbourne Campus: Building 2, Rooms 103 & 108

The OUR Space provides tables, chairs, and computers in a locked, student-research only facility. Reserve your research space in the OUR Space by contacting

You may only be in the OUR Space if:

  • You are a Research Student with an active research project on file with the OUR
  • Your Research Mentor has given prior approval
  • You are conducting approved research and no other activities while in the OUR Space
  • The library in Building 2 is open (NO “after hours” access)
  • You are not consuming food or drink
  • You uphold all parts of the EFSC Student Code of Conduct

Violation of any of these items will minimally result in loss of usage of the OUR Space, and depending upon the violation, may result in college expulsion and criminal charges.

If you are conducting research in the OUR Space without the physical presence of your Research Mentor, then you must:

  • Notify your Research Mentor beforehand of the time you will arrive and depart
  • Notify EFSC Campus Security at 321-433-5586 when you arrive and depart

Who To Contact

Dial 911
EFSC Campus Security 433-5586
(Note: EFSC Campus Security will be notified if 911 is called from a campus phone.)

Campus Security Issue: 
EFSC Campus Security 433-5586

Issue or question about the OUR: 
OUR Co-Directors,
Dr. Ashley Spring
Mr. Scott Herber
321-433-5742 or 321-266-4771

Issue or question about your research: 
Your Research Mentor