Student Research Funding

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Funding Review Board is the entity that determines the distribution of EFSC research funds for directed student research. The OUR is the intermediary agent between the student and the board to process funding requests.

Funding is available in the maximum amount of $200 per term for individual and group projects. Students can apply for funding by submitting a funding proposal to the OUR following the directions below that includes project summary; supply/material list projected usage; supply/material list outlining cost, quantity, vendor name, vendor website address, and mentor’s signature (email is sufficient) to indicate review of the funding proposal.

The research-related expenses should identify supplies/materials as consumable, non-consumable and equipment/durable goods.

  • Consumable materials are items to be used up during the research project.
  • Non-consumable materials are items with a multiple use factor that can be used again by another research student in a forthcoming term. Leftover material does not remain the property of the student and will be returned to the OUR.
  • Equipment/durable goods are materials that can be used over a long period of time by many research students. Students will return the equipment/goods to the OUR after completion of the project.

Fall term 2019 student funding proposals are accepted from August 12 to October 10 via email to or in-person to the OUR Office on the Melbourne Campus, Building 2, Room 108.

Upon receipt by the OUR, the proposal is reviewed and voted on by the OUR Funding Review Board, and students are notified within 10 business days of the board’s decision. Students should be aware acceptance of OUR funding includes an expectation of participation in the Undergraduate Research Exhibition.

Please note monies are not given directly to students; the OUR will purchase the approved list of supplies/materials and notify students when orders are available to pick-up from the OUR. The exception to this policy involves biological or chemical purchases permitted only through the campus science department. Supplies/materials purchased directly by students are not guaranteed for reimbursement through the OUR funding process.

Information & Documents

Mary Garrett, OUR Coordinator
Melbourne Campus, Bldg. 2, Rm. 103

Dr. Ashley Spring, OUR Co-Founder

Scott Herber, OUR Co-Founder