How to Apply for Veterinary Nursing A.S.

Important Note: The Veterinary Nursing A.S. degree program, formerly known as Veterinary Technology, begins every August with an application deadline of April 15.

Veterinary Nursing is a two-year Associate in Science degree. Applicants are evaluated for admission based on a point system, with extra points awarded to applicants who have completed certain tasks or fulfilled certain requirements in advance. Application to the Veterinary Nursing program requires the completion and/or submission of the items listed below before the application deadline. Applicants must satisfy all program entrance requirements by the deadline to be considered. Please note: to apply for only the Veterinary Assistant College Credit Cdertificate, visit that certificate's web page.

Application Steps

Check Application Deadlines and Contact an Advisor 

Application Deadline: April 15 for August program start

Because this is a limited access program with many variables and special application requirements, prospective students should contact a Health Sciences Advisor for more information. Request a Health Sciences advising appointment online. 

Review the Selection Criteria Point System.

Nursing and Health Sciences Admissions and Advising 

Apply for General Admission to Eastern Florida State College

New and Returning Students:  Complete and properly submit the application for general admission to Eastern Florida State College. There is a one-time $30 non-refundable application fee for admission that must be submitted at the time of application to the college. This application is available online. Complete all general admissions requirements with the EFSC General Admissions office.  Readmit students will not be charged the $30 application fee.

Please note that applications are processed in the order they were received and application processing time may take up to three weeks. Check your email frequently for your acceptance letter.

Current Students: Move onto the next step.

Take General Education Classes

Students who are applying to the Veterinary Nursing program should complete their General Education Classes prior to the application deadline. 

Complete Observation/ Volunteer/ Work Experience 

All Veterinary Nursing program applicants must complete (and submit proof of) a minimum of 40 hours of observation, volunteer and/or work experience to be considered for program acceptance. Twenty hours must be in a veterinary office under a veterinarian's care, and twenty hours must be in a county or non-profit animal shelter, ASPCA or Humane Society setting. A separate work experience form should be submitted for each setting. 

Take the TEAS Test 

The TEAS test is the required admission exam for applicants wishing to enter the Veterinary Nursing program. A minimum score of 58% is required to be considered for acceptance. Scores above 60% will receive points towards admission. Scores are good for two years.

The TEAS can only be taken one time per year at an EFSC Assessment Center. If a student needs to retest during the same year, they will need to find an alternate testing site or test via a remote option. Visit EFSC's TEAS page for details about on-campus and remote options and exam registration.  Students may only take the TEAS twice during any 12-month period.

Submit Required Documents to the Health Science Admissions & Advising Office

All applicants must submit the following documents to the Health Sciences Admissions and Advising Office by the April 15 deadline:

  • Essay: Write a 300-word, handwritten essay on the following topic: "Veterinary Nurses: What are they, and what role do they play on the veterinary team?" Students must use one citation, APA style.
  • Volunteer/Work Experience/Observation form
  • Unofficial EFSC transcripts and unofficial transcripts from any other colleges you have attended.  Unofficial EFSC transcripts can be obtained from or myGPS.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation, on letterhead and signed.  One must be from a Veterinarian, Certified Vet Tech, or Office Manager.
  • TEAS scores
  • Military Information (if applicable)

Submit this and other supplementary application materials to Cocoa, building 11, room 212 or to

Complete the Online Health Sciences Application

Complete the online Health Sciences Application for Veterinary Nursing. The application can be found in myEFSC under Student Applications.

A $25 non-refundable fee for the Health Sciences application must be paid through your myEFSC online account or at a campus Student Accounts Business Office by the application deadline.

Complete a Post-Acceptance Background Check

All applicants accepted into the program must submit to a mandatory background check following notification of program acceptance and before the start of classes.

In accordance with Section 1301.76 of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) manual for registrants, accepted students will also be required to sign a waiver stating that they have not been convicted of a felony for controlled drugs.

Section 1301.76 states:

"The registrant shall not employ, as an agent or employee who has access to controlled substances, any person who has been convicted of a felony offense relating to controlled substances or who, at any time, had an application for registration with the DEA denied, had a DEA registration revoked or has surrendered a DEA registration for cause. For purposes of this subsection, the term 'for cause' means a surrender in lieu of, or as a consequence of, any federal or state administrative, civil or criminal action resulting from an investigation of the individual's handling of controlled substances."