How to Apply to Surgical Technology Services Program

Thank you for your interest in the nine-month Associate Degree Surgical Technology Services Program. Classes begin each August, with an application deadline of March 15. For questions about the program or assistance with the application process, contact a Health Sciences Advisor at 321-433-7575 or

Applicants are evaluated for admission based on the program's Selection Criteria. For selection, you MUST satisfy entrance requirements. The application to the Surgical Technology Services Program consists of the following steps:

Applying to Surgical Services

See a Health Science Advisor 

It is highly recommended that you meet with a Health Science Advisor to go over program requirements, prerequisite / support courses, and confirm that the applicant is a current EFSC student. 

Verify Your EFSC General Admissions Status

Proceed with this step based on whether you are a new, former or current student using the information below.

New Students: Apply for General Admission to EFSC using the online application system and pay the $30 application fee. Send all official college transcripts to an EFSC General Admissions Office. Complete the online New Student Orientation and submit residency documentation to EFSC's General Admissions Office. Learn more about the admissions process and general admissions contacts.

Please note that applications are processed in the order they were received and application processing time may take up to one week. Check your email frequently for your acceptance letter.

Returning (Readmit) Students: Students who have not attended EFSC in over a year must apply online to EFSC as a readmit student. Please note that if you are a returning or re-admit student who previously applied to EFSC before October 17, 2018, you will need to create a new account in the College's updated online application system, which uses your email address and a password you create for easy login. Update all pages of the application. Submit any official transcripts earned since last attending EFSC (if applicable), and turn in residency documentation to General Admissions. Visit the admissions website to learn more about the readmit process.

Current Students can move on to step three.

Complete Online Application for Surgical Technology Program

Complete the online application for Surgical Technology Services and submit it no later than March 15th. There is $25 non-refundable fee for this application that must be paid online or at the cashier's office no later than the application deadline.

(Students who have never attended EFSC or who need to readmit to the college must complete the General EFSC Admissions process explained in the accordion above prior to applying to the Surgical Technology Services program.

Complete Application Files by March 15th

A file that is ready for the Surgical Technology Services Admissions Committee review (submitted to the Health Sciences office on the Melbourne Campus, Building 15, Room 101) must contain:

  • Application to the Surgical Services Program and $25 application fee paid
  • An unofficial copy of EFSC transcript  (plus this transcript request form if you attended other colleges)
  • Proof of work experience (if applicable) with written verification.
  • Proof of Health Sciences educational experience substantiated by transcript or certificate, if applicable.
  • Essay
  • Health Science Advising Point Sheet
  • If, at application deadline, students are enrolled in a pre-requisite course, ask the instructor to send written notification of the current midterm status. (Students who are enrolled in prerequisite / support courses will not receive points for the class(es). Points can only be awarded for classes that are completed by the application deadline.)
  • Observation attended