Medical Assistant Program Difficulty Level

Academic Success Requires Commitment

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Assistant Program, a 44-credit hour College Credit Certificate program as set forth by the Florida Department of Education. Students who choose to also pursue the Medical Assisting Advanced A.S. degree will face an additional 21 credit hours.

Although only a one year program, this program does require time and commitment as do any of the Health programs. The subject matter is designed to be interesting and challenging and requires an individual to be self-motivated and disciplined, plus commit to being on campus for lecture and lab courses.

Students should be aware of the serious nature of the program including:

  • Homework: It includes electronic/hybrid components which mean you must be self-disciplined. The electronic/hybrid portion of the program does require the medical assistant student to have access to a computer and printer. Because of the nature of the profession there is also much written work and students must also read material.
  • Extracurricular activities include community service, fund raising and meetings related to medical assistant professional affiliations. Group study sessions are also recommended.
  • Heavy clock hours per semester for the financial aid student.
  • Attendance is vital and mandatory for on-campus days. Students are deducted points and fail if not on campus or if a student does not make prior arrangements and communicate with instructors. Students are always on campus two full 9 hour class days per week for core classes as well as other courses you are taking.
  • Dedication to your success, team work and enthusiasm.
  • We grade work ethic which mean a pleasant demeanor, non-judgmental, willingness to help others, accountability, responsibility, and most of all being able to demonstrate being engaged and knowing the material each class day.

Although it is not recommended students work during the program due to the commitment necessary for students to be successful, many students juggle employment and families while attending college courses. Therefore, this program requires the student to be self-disciplined, motivated, utilize good time management skills and exhibit a passion for learning. Students who are not dedicated to their college studies tend not to be successful in the program.

Often students select the Medical Assistant Program as “Plan B” due to not being accepted into other health programs, such as the Associate Degree Nursing Program. We welcome all interested students. However, please be advised that although the medical assistant program is a shorter program, and does not require a selection committee and special acceptance into the program, that does not make this program any less stringent or difficult.

The program's faculty members take pride in preparing students to become an active and autonomous member of the healthcare team, and ultimately a true healthcare professional. Faculty members also thrive on the success of their students. If you are interested in helping people, want to become a healthcare professional, and are motivated, self-disciplined and have a true passion for learning than this program is right for you!

Remember: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”