Medical Assistant Specialty:  Accepted Student Policies

Program Folder

Once Accepted to the program, the Nursing & Health Science admissions office will submit the following to your program manager/instructor for your program file folder:

  • Application to the Medical Assistant Specialist Program

You will be required to submit the following to your program manager/instructor to complete your program file folder:

  • Copy of CPR card (CPR for Healthcare Providers BLS)
  • Copy of all college transcripts.  Recent EFSC transcript required.

Background & Drug Screening

Program Intention Level II Background and Drug Screening Policy:

The Medical Assistant Specialist Program will perform Level II Background and Drug Screening on students who enter the program. The program instructors will advise students of the procedure and the time at which they are conducted. The program's faculty reserve the right to screen you at any time.

If you have any doubts before applying to the program it should be discussed with the Program Director. The Healthcare community rarely hires if certain offenses are part of someone's background and does not allow students to enter clinicals with certain histories.

If there are any concerns by the student enrolled in this program, they should be discussed early in the program or at the beginning and after you have thoroughly read all of the information provided to you.

The cost is approximately $140 for both the drug screening and background check and is subject to change. It is the financial responsibility of the student. 

Note that your personal information such as social security number, name, address, date of birth, etc. must be provided but the information is secure, tamper-proof and kept confidential.

This is a student responsibility and carries a strict time frame once you have been told to start the screening process. Students who do not follow through within the designated time frame will not be permitted to enter their practicum experience and will be asked to drop that course. We cannot work last minute with the community. It is your responsibility to follow through. There are NO exceptions to this rule. We do not accept any other type of drug screening or background checks.

You have been advised of this program policy in advance.

CPR Certification

All students of the Medical Assistant Specialist Program will be required to have current American Heart Association Course "C" CPR Certification and AIDS 104 Certification. This can be obtained in the HSCC 1000 "Intro to Healthcare" course. 

Health Immunization/ Exams

All students of the Medical Assistant Specialist Program will be required to submit a proof of immunizations or sign consents of understanding the importance and denial. An extensive physical exam and/or physician's statement may be required if there is a question of the student's ability to meet established program criteria. TB testing is required and documentation must be provided.

Accident & Liability Insurance

All accepted students in the Medical Assistant program are required to purchase the Allied Health Liability Insurance and also the Education/Training Student Accident Insurance through EFSC. This will be automatically added to the lab fees of one of your courses and this insurance is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

National Certification

EFSC is a SACS-accredited institution. Students who complete all the educational components of the program will apply to take the RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) certification through the AMT, American Medical Technologists.

Uniform Standard Requirement

The Medical Assistant Specialist Program is happy to adhere to a professional and comfortable look. Below you will find the information needed to purchase your program uniform. There are no exceptions to this rule and all students should present in uniform on the first day of class. You have chosen a career which adheres to health care standards for safety purposes and professionalism. A professional uniform is strictly enforced in this program.

  • LOGO: The lab jacket warmer will require the EFSC embroidered logo. The uniform shop below supplies the required uniform and will place the embroidery on the LEFT side of the front of the jacket. When purchasing, you must state the lab jacket required the logo.
  • TIMELINE: Your uniform should be purchased or ordered early to assure you are ready for the first day of class. There will be uniforms on the racks, but due to various sizes or demand you may need to place an order. The below information is the entire expected uniform.
  • SHOES: You may purchase your uniform shoes anywhere; however, shoes must be professional white duty nursing shoes. No tennis shoes of any sort are allowed. Remember: No Shoestrings or Velcro because they can house bacteria. These standards are for your safety. Clogs with open backs are acceptable as long as they are nursing clogs. Shoes must be white and professional wear.
  • WHERE TO PURCHASE:  You must purchase at this location only as they have the required logo:

         2585 W. New Haven Ave.
         W. Melbourne, FL 32904
         PHONE:  321-608-3845

     "Tell them you are in the Medical Assistant Program at EFSC          and they will guide you to the required uniform for the program."

  • Uniform Standards: Once you begin to wear your uniform, your hair must be off your shoulders, minimum make up and jewelry, and the uniform and shoes are to be kept clean and wrinkle free at all times. We appreciate diversity, but no piercing or tattoos of any kind may show while in your uniform. Only one post earring per ear is acceptable.
  • When Do I Wear The Uniform? It is mandatory that you wear the uniform during your CORE classes:

     MEAC 1205 – Clinical Competencies
     MEAC 1336 – Administrative Competencies/Coding
     MEA 1808   – Medical Assistant Practicum Experience
     MEAC 1260 – Medical Office Lab Procedures
     RTE 1092    – Basic X-ray Machine Operator


You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the College and off-campus sites.