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Dental Assisting Course Sequence Information

Prior to beginning the Daytime or Outreach (Online & Evening Lab) Dental Assisting Programs, students should complete both courses listed below.

In addition, students MUST have a current CPR card upon entrance to the program. 

Course Number Course Title Credits
HSCC 1000

Introduction to Health Care

BSCC 1084

Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology

*Students may opt to take Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2 instead of Survey of Anatomy and Physiology if they are interested in continuing onto the Dental Hygiene Program.


Click below to view course-sequencing options for the Dental Assisting Program.

Course Sequencing

Course Schedule for the Daytime Program beginning in May

Course Number Course Title Credit
First Term: Summer (12 Weeks)
DEA 1010  Introduction to Dental Assisting 2
DES 1020  Head/Neck and Dental Anatomy 2
DESL 1020  Head/Neck and Dental Anatomy Lab 1
 Second Term: Fall (16 Weeks)  
DES 1800  Introduction to Clinical Procedures  2
DESL 1800  Introduction to Clinical Procedures 
DES 1840  Preventive Dentistry  2
DESC 2832  Expanded Functions  2
DES 2100  Dental Materials  2
DESL 2100  Dental Materials Lab  1
DES 1200  Dental Radiography  2
DESL 1200  Dental Radiography Lab  1
If not completed in the Summer Semester    
DEA 1010  Introduction to Dental Assisting 2
DES 1020  Head/Neck and Dental Anatomy  2
DESL 1020  Head/Neck and  Dental Anatomy Lab  1
Third Term: Spring (16 Weeks)  
DEA 1051  Pharmacology and Pain Control 2
DEA 1136  Allied Dental Theory 3
DEA 1805  Clinical Practice I  4
DEAL 1805  Clinical Practice I Lab  5
DES 1600  Office Emergencies  1
DES 1502  Dental Office Management  1
Fourth Term: Summer (8 Weeks)   
DESC 2833  Expanded Functions II 3
DEA 1936  Dental Seminar  1
DEAL 1855  Clinical Practice II Externships  5
Survey of Anatomy & Physiology and Intro to Healthcare
(taken prior to program start)

Course Schedule for the Outreach Program beginning in August


Term 1 (August to December, 16 Weeks)
DEA 1010 Introduction to Dental Assisting
DES 1020  Head, Neck, and Dental Anatomy- Online
DESL 1020  Head, Neck, and Dental Anatomy Lab- On Campus Lab
DES 1800  Introduction to Clinical Procedures – Online
DESL 1800  Introduction to Clinical Procedures Lab – On campus Lab
DES 1840  Preventive Dentistry – Online
 Term 2 (January to May, 16 weeks) 
DEA 1051 Pharmacology and Pain Control
DESC 2832 Expanded Functions – Online & On campus Lab 
DES 2100  Dental Materials – Online
DESL 2100  Dental Materials Lab – On campus Lab
DES 1200   Dental Radiography – Online
DESL 1200  Dental Radiography Lab – On Campus Lab
DEA 1136  Allied Dental Theory – Online
TERM 3 (May to August, 12 weeks) 
DEA 1805  Clinical Practice – Online and 8 on-campus labs
DEAL 1805  Clinical Practice Lab 1 – Dental Office (160 clinical hours minimum)
DES 1600   Office Emergencies – Online
DES 1502  Office Management – Online
TERM 4 (August to December, 16 weeks) 
DES 2833 Expanded Functions II
DEA 1936  Dental Seminar – Online
DEAL 1855  Clinical Practice Lab 2 – Dental Office (160 clinical hours minimum)

Furthering your education toward an Associate Degree

After successful completion of the Dental Assisting Program, all 50 credits transfer into the Dental Assisting Technology and Management Associate in Science degree. This A.S. degree features three options for the Dental Assisting ATD graduate: Dental Practice Management, Education and Sales and Marketing.  Only twenty additional credits are needed to complete this A.S. degree.

Additionally, twenty-two credits transfer into the Dental Hygiene Program for credit toward an A.S. Degree in Dental Hygiene, if the student is accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program within three years of graduation from the Dental Assisting Program. The student must have a grade of "C" or better in all courses.  Refer to Dental Hygiene for information.