Adult and Cardiac Sonography Estimated Expenses

Effective with the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog that starts July 1, 2022

Tuition per credit hour x 27 credit hours
($3,469.77 In-State Tuition/Upper-Level Course Rate)
Refer to Catalog or Tuition & Fees for current tuition rates
Lab Fees
Books (approximate)
Uniforms (approximate) *Hunter Green in color
$20-60 per pair
Background Check, Fingerprinting and Drug Testing 
Hepatitis Vaccination & Titer (if applicable)
Miscellaneous expenses (This could include a physical,  CPR, AIDS certificate and some miscellaneous extras needed for the program)
Student Access Fee (per term)
Parking Permit
Health Sciences Application Fee
Graduation Fee
Total Approximate Cost (based on in-state tuition)