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EFSC's Science & Math courses prepare students for careers in the high-tech, 21st-century workforce.

Eastern Florida State College's mathematics classes are designed to prepare students for upper-division work and generate awareness of the beauty and applicability of mathematics to their daily lives. Course offerings in the Science Department at EFSC include everything students need to prepare for engineering, nursing, pre-med, veterinary medicine, horticulture, oceanography, physics and many other careers. Courses even include potential study abroad trips for "real-life" field experiences. Join us in our exploration of the natural world!

Meet Brian Czaya


EFSC allows access to classes to help you get where you want to be. My intended major is Microbiology and Cell Science at the University of Florida. EFSC has allowed me to take all of my desired pre-requisites for my major and to transfer as a junior right into the core classes for my degree.

Math and Science courses at EFSC support A.A. general education degree requirements as well as prerequisite courses a student is directed to complete before transferring with the A.A. to a university. Math and Science courses also support the A.S. degrees at EFSC, integrating the subjects to the applied side of technology or health sciences.

While Math and Science courses support multiple degree and certificate programs, below are a few program choices of interest for those who want to work in a scientific-related field or move on to further education in scientific or healthcare and medical related fields.

Bachelor of Applied Science In Applied Health Sciences
• Biomedical Science Specialization

Associate in Science
 • Chemical Technology
 • Horticulture Technology (Horticulture and Landscape Tracks)

Related College Credit Certificates
• Scientific Workplace Specialist

Associate in Science
 • Medical Laboratory Technology