Plan to pursue a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university? EFSC's Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.) is for you.

The A.A. degree provides students with a solid foundation for further study at the bachelor's level. Expect nothing short of academic excellence, as students holding the A.A. from Eastern Florida State College are guaranteed entrance to one of the twelve public Florida universities. Expect flexibility; EFSC was one of the first community colleges in the country to offer the A.A. degree online. The A.A. is your stepping stone to success and can also lead to one of EFSC's Bachelor degrees if you want to pursue a four-year degree close to home or while working at an existing job.


Meet Tony Akers

Associate Professor of Communications

Students graduating with the A.A. from Eastern Florida State College are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to advance and achieve their educational goals. EFSC provides this foundation through its relentless devotion to academic excellence and students’ success.

The Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.) is a university parallel degree designed for students who intend to earn a bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university. The A.A. degree is comparable to the freshman and sophomore years (lower division) of a university program and requires completion of appropriate 60 semester hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Included are the General Education requirements (36 credits) and elective courses (24 credits).

The five areas of focus under EFSC's General Education program are Communications, Mathematics, Natural Science, Humanities and Social/Behavioral Science. Students should see an advisor for specific requirements, which depend on your area of concentration.

Students holding an A.A. degree can also move on to one of EFSC's Bachelor programs and should work with an advisor on this option. There are even select EFSC bachelor programs that qualify for a $10,000 expense cap if you have not begun your associate degree and know you plan to move on to a qualifying EFSC bachelor degree. Read more about the A.A.