Career and Technical Certificates Information

Career and Technical Certificate or CTC programs (previously known as a Postsecondary Adult Vocational Certificate or PSAV programs) consist of a series of vocational and/or college credit courses that prepare students for entry-level employment in specific career fields. Select courses may supplement the theoretical knowledge and skills of employed workers. Upon completion of the certificate program, students continuing their education in a related A.S. degree program may be awarded credit in selected A.S. degree courses as noted in the institution’s catalog listings. See the list of Career and Technical Certificate programs.

CTC programs are known as "clock-hour" programs. Students will be assessed tuition by the clock-hour, and transcripts will reflect the clock-hours attended instead of “credits.”

Graduation Requirements for the Career and Technical Certificate

Responsibility for meeting the requirements for graduation rests with the student. The CTC is awarded to those students who have:

  1. Filed an "Intent to Graduate" Application on or before the published deadline. This includes payment of the graduation fee.
  2. Satisfactorily completed courses within the program.
  3. Met all admissions requirements, including submission of all required high school and prior college transcripts.
  4. Removed all financial obligations to the college. Final transcripts or diploma will not be released until student has removed all financial obligations to the college.
  5. Completed at least 25% of the program credit hours through coursework at Eastern Florida State College.
  6. Achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher in the courses that comprise the program.
    • An "I - Incomplete" received in term of graduation is calculated as an "F" for purposes of computing the student's GPA for graduation. If the course work is completed within three weeks of the beginning of the following term, resulting in a passing grade, the student's transcript will be amended.

Veterans Educational Benefits and Career Programs

Veterans enrolled in Career and Technical Certificate (CTC) programs may be eligible to receive benefits. Please contact Military and Veterans Services to determine eligible vocational programs.

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in vocational career and technical certificate programs who earned a standard high school diploma or equivalent may be eligible for financial aid including: PELL Grants, work study, scholarships, guaranteed bank loans, Work Force Development and Veterans benefits. Not all programs are eligible for financial aid. See the Eastern Florida Programs and Admissions Requirements page for eligible programs.

Course Certificates

Course certificates of completion are awarded at the discretion of the instructor and the appropriate department chair for satisfactory achievement in selected courses or groups of courses. Students must file a request with the instructor. These certificates document completion of coursework only, not graduation from the program.


Students must complete an application for general admission to Eastern Florida State College. In addition, some CTC programs are considered limited access and require an additional application process. See the "EFSC Programs and Admissions Requirements" plus each program's website page for specific admission requirements such as testing and high school graduation.

CTC Programs

Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer CTC

Aviation Airframe Mechanic CTC

Aviation Powerplant Mechanic CTC

Correctional Officer CTC

Cosmetology CTC

Crossover from Correctional Officer to Law Enforcement Officer CTC

Crossover from Law Enforcement Officer to Correctional Officer CTC

Facials Specialty CTC

Fire Fighter I/II CTC

Florida Law Enforcement Academy CTC

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC) CTC

Mental Health Technician CTC

Patient Care Assistant CTC

Phlebotomy CTC

Practical Nursing CTC

Welding Technology CTC