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Eastern Florida State College's Transportation and Logistics A.S. degree emphasizes the role of logistics as an integrated part of Supply Chain Management through courses on information systems, transportation, warehouse management, distribution, international logistics and logistics management.

The Transportation and Logistics program is open-access, available through EFSC's standard admissions process.

Students will develop basic and cross-functional skills in logistics, inventory, planning, procurement, organization, delivery flow and distribution of goods and services that can be applied to a wide-range of logistics related careers. The curriculum also teaches basic management, accounting, business and economic principles.

Transportation and Logistics students must earn 64 credit hours following the program's curriculum to receive their A.S. degree.

Two college credit certificates can be earned as part of the A.S. degree, or as separate certifications:

The A.S. degree and certificates can be earned 100% online. Some technical electives and general education courses required for the degree may be available on campus, but the transportation major courses are currently only offered online. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor or the program manager while planning their program courses.

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