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Industrial Management Technoloy

Do you have technical proficiency in the industral arena and now want to advance into a management role? The Industrial Management Technology Associate in Science degree provides the supervisory and business management skills needed for upward mobility within the manufacturing and high-tech services sectors for individuals currently working in industry.

Graduates will have the skills necessary to oversee workforce, materials and mechanical or technological logistics in a given industry. General education and core courses focus on competencies needed for the development of mathematical skills to work within budgets, working with computers for record keeping and reporting, and the ability to communicate with co-workers, suppliers and customers.

The program curriculum's required course work enhances previously mastered technical skills and prepares individuals for supervisory and/or advanced technical positions.

Potential students should contact the program's advisor Donna Tice at 321-433-5294 or via email at as you could receive credit for prior apprenticeships or technical courses. Industrial Management is an open access program with application and enrollment through the general Eastern Florida State College admission's process

Employment options in industrial management continue to expand within the emerging advanced industries sector, fueled by the growth of new technologies ranging from 3D printing to satellite telecommunications to computer-automated manufacturing.

Program Contact

Donna Tice
Career & Technical Programs Coordinator