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Landscape and Horticulture Technology A.S. Degree

The Landscape and Horticulture Technology Associate in Science degree at Eastern Florida State College is a high-demand degree that prepares students for employment in a wide range of horticulture-related positions, such as Landscape Designer, Soil and Plant Scientist, Conservation Scientist, Environmental Scientist/Specialist, Biological Technician, Forest and Conservation Technician and Landscaping; Lawn Service, Golf Course Turf Management and Groundskeeping Supervisor.

This 60-credit program is considered open-access with applications through EFSC's standard admissions process. Students choose to specialize in either landscape or horticulture technology, with core degree courses augmented by custom track courses. Full-time students who follow the prescribed A.S. degree curriculum, and who do not need developmental education or other prerequisites, can typically complete the program within two years.

Three college credit certificates also are available that incorporate courses from the A.S. degree program. They allow for shorter term options that lead to a certificate or can be earned on the pathway to the A.S. degree. The certificates are:

Students are encouraged to contact an advisor while planning their program courses and choosing their horticulture or landscape specialization, and for questions about the certificate options.


Morana Goldfarb

Scott Herber, Associate Biology Professor

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