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Work in Engineering Technology

engineering tech manufacturing student

This program prepares students for high-technology jobs in all electronic fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, bio-medical repair, cellular telephone system repair, assembly line supervising, soldering technology and computer repair. Work may include use of electronic test equipment, analog and digital circuit design and  fabrication, through-hole and surface mount soldering and re-work, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), microprocessor architecture, programming, and digital and analog communications.

The second-year option provides specialized training in electronics, advanced technology or energy systems. Each option is used in a wide variety of industries. Upon completion of the first year, students may take the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC)** test, which demonstrates competency in production, logistics and inventory control, quality assurance, maintenance, installation and repair, health, safety, and environmental assurance, and production process development.

**Per FLDOE statewide articulation, EFSC will accept the Manufacturing Skill Standards Certification (MSCC) towards 16 credits in the Engineering Technology Degree Program and associated  certificates. Please contact Bruce Hesher or Meer Almeer at the email or phone numbers in the right column contact tab for requirements.

Know Your Field

Careers: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician*, Repair Technician, Junior Engineer, Clean Room Technician, Computer-aided Design Engineer, Cellular Telephone Repair Technician, Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators*, Electronic Repairers (commercial and industrial)*

*Indicates Occupations on Brevard County's Regional Targeted Occupations List (TOL)