Work in Business Administration

Business administration programs prepare students for a wide range of executive, administrative and managerial occupations such as administrative services managers, educational administrators, financial managers, general managers and top executives, government executives, management analysts and consultants, merchandising managers, and specialized managers for health services, hospitality, marketing, construction, advertising, real estate and data processing firms. Many positions in business administration require extensive training, education or work experience in other disciplines.

Specific job descriptions vary greatly by industry, by the nature and size of the organization and by level of responsibility. Business administrative positions are usually associated with responsibility for the management of the operations of specific departments and organizational units. Such positions usually require management skills and an in-depth knowledge of the function and day-to-day responsibilities of the department. Recent graduates usually obtain entry, assistant or junior level positions and work as assistant managers, trainees or as supervisors in departments that provide less complex administrative support services and then may advance with successful work experience, additional education and participation in company sponsored training programs. Higher level positions are usually filled by promoting lower level managers who display the leadership, self-confidence, motivation, decisiveness and flexibility required for demanding assignments.

Know Your Field

Careers: Accountants and Auditors, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks*, Loan Officers*, Marketing Managers*, Sales Representatives*

*Indicates Occupations on Brevard County's
Regional Targeted Occupations List (TOL)