An Associate in Science degree can lead to a Bachelor's degree

The Business Administration is transferable to a Bachelor's degree at Eastern Florida State College and at many state colleges and universities in Florida.
  • A.S. degree courses apply to the career field you are interested in pursuing.
  • Courses in the A.S. degree program provide valuable skill sets that prepare you for an internship or for work in the career field.
  • Bachelor's degree courses allow you to continue with upper level courses and advance your knowledge in the career area.
  • A.S. to Bachelor degree programs provide you an opportunity to work on general education requirements while also taking upper division courses that are specific to the major. (Check with the transfer college or university for appropriate general education course requirements.)
  • Most graduate programs will accept the A.S. to Bachelor's degree.

View the links below to learn about degree requirements and steps toward completing a Bachelor's degree.

Eastern Florida State College Bachelor Degrees

College Credit Certificates in Career & Technical Programs from Eastern Florida State College can meet the 21 credit hours of Technical Concentration courses for A.A. students who plan to pursue a Bachelor's degree at Eastern Florida State College.

UCF DirectConnect Advising Request

Be sure to work with an advisor at EFSC and the insitution you hope to transfer to when planning a transfer pathway that involves an A.S. degree program to ensure you meet all prerequisite requirements.