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Work in Aerospace Technology

The program includes skill requirements that prepare graduates for employment opportunities with many high technology companies including the major aerospace companies in the industry. The Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC), which is comprised of several companies, government groups and academia, participates in the development and implementation of this program and is part of the placement process.

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in various industries by offering a standardized and industry-endorsed education program that provides employers with a well-trained and productive workforce. An aerospace technician manufactures, assembles, services, tests, operates and repairs systems associated with space launch vehicles, payloads, related laboratories and ground support equipment.

This program also provides training for persons previously or currently employed in this industry. Instruction is designed to qualify students for examinations for certification as an aerospace technician in various skill areas. Graduates may also qualify for many applied-technology jobs such as testing, fabrication, assembly, repair and manufacturing.

Know Your Field

•Aerospace Technician
Aviation Bench Technician
Electronics Technician
Electronic Fabrication Technician
Composite Fabrication Technician Sheet Metal Worker