Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management: What it means to the local community and workforce

This will enable our businesses, especially our manufacturers, to hire or promote qualified managers with the skills needed to grow their companies, and therefore the economy of Brevard County.
— Christine Michaels, President & CEO, Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida

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The College is one of the most significant providers of career preparation in the county, and, definitely, the most affordable. Over the years thousands of our customers have enhanced their skills through EFSC programs and entered employment. We are pleased to support the new four-year degree program.
— Lisa Rice, President/CEO, Brevard Workforce

Matrix Composites is a full service provider to the aviation, military, space and commercial industries. We would enjoy having available, exceptionally talented, technically competent individuals as a local resource that has a strong knowledge base related to the curriculum outlined in this program.
— Dan Simpson, Director of Engineering, Matrix Composites, Inc.

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The new program would offer employees without bachelor degrees an affordable means to advance in the field of healthcare management. Wuesthoff is proud to offer our employees tuition reimbursement in support of their professional development. We expect some staff members will be delighted at the opportunity to earn the Bachelor of Applied Science so close to home.
— Angela Beaudry, Regional Director of Human Resources, Wuesthoff Health System

With only 15.2% of Cocoa's residents over the age of 25 possessing a bachelor's degree, new programs such as these will open the door to greater possibilities for the citizens of Cocoa.
— John Titkanich, Cocoa City Manager

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As you know, having a strong cadre of employees, including those in management, are keys to any organization's success. Convenient, affordable and high caliber opportunities to receive this type of management training, needed for individuals to advance in Brevard County and for organizations to succeed, are limited at this time. The BAS program will help "open the doors" to success for both our employees and all residents of Brevard County and the surrounding area.
— George Mikitarian, DHA, President/CEO Parrish Medical Center

Many employees in healthcare have short term certificates and associate degrees. The BAS degree gives them the opportunity for advancement in a county still suffering from high unemployment. In the coming years we anticipate Brevard County health providers will benefit from well-trained mid-level managers who earned their BAS at Eastern Florida State College.
— Robert C. Vitto, BS, MHA, MBA, MEd, Administrative Services Director, Brevard County Health Department