COVID-19 Update: EFSC's Fall Commencement will be virtual, celebrated Dec. 17 online and with drive-through celebrations on each Campus. The Spring Term 2021 Class Schedule has been released, with plans to increase on-campus courses through expanded Hybrid offerings, with class size limits and safety measures remaining in place to protect against COVID-19. View more details & FAQ. To support Fall Term courses and Spring Term planning, select services are available on campus, with prior appointments required in most cases and facial coverings and social distancing requirements in place. See the Student Services Guide.

Adjunct Faculty (hyperlinked to bio when available)

Nicolyn Aleprete Ballet  412-979-3704 
John Almeida Trumpet  407-310-3815
Steven Amann Saxophone  
Mark Baker Voice 321-591-4094
James Boyles Brevard Chorale 321-501-0833
Sarah Cheatham Voice 321-698-9201
Scott Cockerham Guitar 321-536-9196
Sally Cook Piano 321-223-6798
Richard Desgrange Double Bass 321-242-1021
Georgi Gelalles Art History - Drawing 321-536-7961 
Anita Juilianna Double Reeds 321-726-3911
Eric Lee Tuba/Trombone  321-615-9064
Igor Markstein Violin/Viola 321-258-5745
Joan Markstein Cello 321-258-5736
Barbara McMillan Ceramics 321-213-4019
Susan McQuinn Flute 321-626-1900
Dustin Robertson Art - 3D and Appreciation 336-354-7900
Sara Rupe Clarinet  615-715-3201
Christian Martin Percussion  321-544-5955
Susan Smith Dance 321-720-5513
Benjamin Whiting Sound  407-222-3489
John Wilkerson Horn and Trumpet 321-223-8697

Support Staff    

Denise Haynes Administrative Assistant  321-433-7385
Paul McKee Theatre - Sound 321-433-7177
Charles Sharer Theatre Technician  321-433-5402
Arlan Ropp Barber Shop Singers  321-636-0900