COVID-19 July 1 Update: The Fall Term Class Schedule has been updated to reflect on-campus and online courses: view Fall Course info. EFSC will reopen its four campuses in August for the Fall Term with many classes online, limited in-person classes and safety measures in place to protect against COVID-19, including a requirement to wear face coverings inside all buildings. Read Reopening Plan details & FAQ. With Summer Term courses underway online, Campuses are currently closed, but essential Student Services are available remotely: See the Virtual Student Services Guide

Adjunct Faculty (hyperlinked to bio when available)

Nicolyn Aleprete Ballet  412-979-3704 
John Almeida Trumpet  407-310-3815
Mark Baker Voice 321-591-4094
James Boyles Brevard Chorale 321-501-0833
Sarah Cheatham Voice 321-698-9201
Scott Cockerham Guitar 321-536-9196
Sally Cook Piano 321-223-6798
Richard Desgrange Double Bass 321-242-1021
Georgi Gelalles Art History - Drawing 321-536-7961 
Anita Juilianna Double Reeds 321-726-3911
Eric Lee Tuba/Trombone  321-615-9064
Igor Markstein Violin/Viola 321-258-5745
Joan Markstein Cello 321-258-5736
Barbara McMillan Ceramics 321-213-4019
Susan McQuinn Flute 321-626-1900
Dustin Robertson Art - 3D and Appreciation 336-354-7900
Sara Rupe Clarinet  615-715-3201
Christian Martin Percussion  321-544-5955
Susan Smith Dance 321-720-5513
Benjamin Whiting Sound  407-222-3489
John Wilkerson Horn and Trumpet 321-223-8697

Support Staff    

Denise Haynes Administrative Assistant  321-433-7385
Paul McKee Theatre - Sound 321-433-7177
Charles Sharer Theatre Technician  321-433-5402
Arlan Ropp Barber Shop Singers  321-636-0900