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Dance Class List & Search

To receive an Associates in Arts (A.A.), the dance major must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of college level credits with 36 hours of general education. Dance students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours of dance technique each fall and spring semester and 3 hours of technique in one or both summer A & B their first year. It's highly recommended that dance majors take BSC 1084, Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology, to fulfill 4 credit hours of the Natural Science requirement and HLP 1081, Health Analysis and Improvement, to fulfill 2 credit hours of the Social/Behavioral Science requirement.

Dance majors are required to attend two live professional dance performances, one each year. Students registered for DAA 1680, Performance Repertory, should be available for additional rehearsals and performance requirements. Once technical ability is assessed by the dance faculty, students may enroll in both 1000 and 2000 level courses in the same dance discipline (i.e. Jazz) simultaneously.

Below is a list of dance courses and also a custom class search tool to check availability during a specific term, with registration then handled through the online myEFSC student services system.

DANCE COURSE OFFERINGS                                                 Credit Hours
DAA 1200 - Fundamentals of Ballet 1
DAA 1201 - Beginning Ballet 3
DAA 2201 - Intermediate Ballet 3
DAA 2203 - Advanced Ballet 3
DAA 1750 - Dance Conditioning 1
DAA 1680 - Performance Repertory Company 3
DAA 1100 - Beginning Modern Dance 3
DAA 2101 - Intermediate Modern Dance 3
DAA 1500 - Beginning Jazz 3
DAA 2501 - Intermediate Jazz 3


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