Study Abroad in Summer 2016

Future trips: Japan and the Galapagos Islands Also Set

EFSC is offering two exciting study abroad opportunities during the 2016 Summer Term, with courses that include trips to Europe or Zambia, plus a December trip to Japan. The trips require that students register for a specific EFSC course, listed in the details for each trip. Check out the links to upcoming trips:

Additional Study Abroad trips include a 10-day Summer 2017 trip to the Galapagos Islands, with information posted soon. The course will be BSCC 2910 Evolutionary Ecology. Contact Dr. Chris Petrie to get on the list for information.

Requirements for Every Trip

All Study Abroad trips have these general requirements:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older on the departure date or travel with a parent or guardian.
  • The student must be academically eligible to take the designated course connected with each trip.
  • Register for the class by seeing an advisor on any of our campuses. Students who do not wish to earn college credit may register with audit status. You must be an EFSC student or become one in order to register for this class. Information on applying to EFSC can be found on our Enrollment Steps pages.
  • Trips require a passport. If you don't have a current passport, it's important to apply as early as possible as the process can take up to several weeks. If you do have a passport, make sure it does not need to be renewed. Non-US citizens must obtain their own travel visas. Passport applications can be obtained at several sites throughout Brevard County. Click on the link to access this information.

Trip Dates & Contacts

Art and Architecture of Europe
Trip Dates: July 11-20, 2016
Study Abroad in the Humanities 2740, Summer Term 2016
Trip Information

Dorothy McCalla