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Welcome to the Honors Program Photo Gallery

We love sharing the accomplishments of our Honor's program students. Enjoy looking around and if you're not involved in this unique learning community and think you qualify, check out our web section for application information.

Honors Convocation Dinner - Fall 2016
  • Group photo at the Fall 2016 Honors Program Convocation Dinner
  • Honors Program Convocation Dinner Program
  • Honors graduates Kendra Jones, Amanda Madariaga and Craig Weisenberger with Dr. Wayne Stein, Lynn Tam and Ray Roberts
  • Dr. Wayne Stein and Ray Roberts with Amanda Madariaga
  • Dr. Wayne Stein and Kendra Jones
  • Dr. Wayne Stein and Ray Roberts with Craig Weisenberger
  • Honors Program Cake
  • Dr. Wayne Stein and Lynn Tam cut the Honors Program cake
  • Dr. Wayne Stein and Ray Roberts present Humanities Instructor Ron Rountree with a certificate
  • Dr. Wayne Stein and Ray Roberts present Associate Professor Susan Houts with a certificate

Honors Convocation Dinner - Spring 2016