Honors Council

The Eastern Florida State College Honors Council helps coordinate and guide the Honors Program at the College.

EFSC Honors Council Members 2017-2018

Director - Dr. Wayne S. Stein, Provost, Palm Bay Campus
Associate Director - Mr. Michael A. Cadore Sr., MA, Associate Provost, Palm Bay Campus

Honors Advisors:
Susan Ivey, Honors Advisor, Titusville 
Jacquelyn Poitier-French, Honors Advisor, Cocoa
Amberly Komives, Honors Advisor, Melbourne 
Debbie Sanders, Honors Advisor, Palm Bay

Lee Bailey (T)
CJ Baker (P)
Marina Baratian (M)
Sharon Kline (M)
Dr. Steven Long (M)
Shai Neumann (M)
Karyn Ott (P)
Kathy Patria (T)
Dr. Ashley Spring (M)
Dr. Carrie Wells (P)