Honors Graduation Requirements

Honors Students and Honors Affiliates have different goals. While both seek the challenges of the EFSC Honors Program and access to honors classes, only those classified as “Honors Students” can receive an Honors Diploma and special recognition at graduation. Honors Affiliates do not intend to complete the requirements for an Honors Diploma. Admission requirements are the same for both designations. Honors Affiliates may decide to change their status to Honors Student at any time, but Honors Diploma requirements must be met or be in progress and communicated to the Honors Office one semester before graduation. 

Graduation Requirements for Honors Diploma

• 3.5 GPA or higher
• 18 credit hours in Honors courses
• 40 hours of community service through the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
• Leadership Requirement (May be met by completion of SLS 2261H or SLS 2261)

Graduation Requirements for Honors Affiliates

• 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher with minimum grade of "C"
• Minimum of 9 credit hours in Honors courses (minimum grade of "C")

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