Student Government and You

EFSC wants students to have a voice in the events and student organizations on their campus. That's where the Student Government Association comes in, as representatives of the student body. The SGA is a student-run organization that provides diverse programs and events funded by the College's Activity and Service Fees.

By utilizing the expertise of these student representatives in association with the Office of Student Life, we ensure that each experience provides an opportunity for networking, leadership development, strong friendships and lasting memories. Officers are elected for the SGA by their fellow students who consider this their primary campus. Elections are held each spring and you'll find an updated Election Packet in this web section each year. 

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Palm Bay Info

2017-18 Palm Bay SGA Officers

President: Elizabeth Hernandez 

Vice President: Asrar Queisi 

Parliamentarian: Pongsiri Phokamon 

Secretary: Erica Rodrigues 

Treasurer: Jefferson Blaise 

Historian: Kevaughn McPherson-Kelly