Play Performance Focuses on Right to Vote

September 27, 2012 - EFSC Theatre program students from the Cocoa campus will bring their performance of the play "Vote?" to the Palm Bay campus on Thursday, October 4 at 11 AM.

In "Vote?" by Eric Coble the 18-year-old lead character doesn't think it’s worth her time to go to the polls. During a fight with friends about the importance of voting, she finds herself swirling through history, encountering soldiers at Valley Forge, women fighting for the right to vote, Martin Luther King preparing to march in Alabama and more historical figures.

In the end she realizes how many shoulders we all stand on every time we enter a voting booth.

"I love the script. We picked it because it's an election year so it's very timely," said Jeanine Henry, EFSC's director of theatre arts and the instructor of the Acting 1 class that's putting on the play. "A friend tells the main character that one vote is just a drop in the bucket and by the end she realizes that one drop in the ocean is what can start a tidal wave."

The Palm Bay performance for students, faculty and staff follow several free performances of the play at Cocoa's Simpkins Center. The October 4 performance will be held in the Palm Bay Auditorium (107G) at 11 AM.

All of the free performances are in honor of the annual observance of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. Federal law requires that all educational institutions that receive receive federal funds commemorate the celebration in some way.

For more information about the performance, contact Jeanine Henry at 321-433-7384 or at

Vote? Play photo
EFSC theatre students rehearse the play "Vote?" From left to right are Chris Sims, Jazzmine Crapps, who plays the lead character Nicole, and Jonathon Seaman.