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Laymon Hicks, Guest Speaker, February 1st 2012

Student Success and Motivation Speaker, Black History Month Kick Off

March 7, 2012, Brevard County, FL - Laymon Hicks, nationally known student success and motivation speaker graced Palm Bay with his presence on February 1st, 2012 to kick off the Black History Month activities. We had a great turn out with almost 200 students attending between both of his speeches. SLS classes, Humanities, and Speech classes took advantage of this opportunity where they got to listen to a very powerful speaker whom they could relate to on a personal level. Laymon was available for book signings, pictures, and chit chat after his speeches where the Student Government hosted a special luncheon for those who attended and each student received a free book of Laymon's titled 'N Laymon's Terms. We look forward to having Laymon back on campus for more talks, as well as Student Leadership Workshops.