Melbourne Campus Student Clubs

Joining a student club related to your interests is a great way to enhance your educational experience at EFSC. Click the existing club options below for info. Don't see a club that fits your needs? Start one! 

Starting a club on the Melbourne Campus:

You can start a club any time during the school year by completing the following steps:
1. Submit the Club Approval Form with a Constitution and By-laws
2. Recruit a Club Sponsor and submit the Advisor Agreement form
3. Enlist at least ten (10) currently enrolled students in good academic standing
4. With document approval, present your club to the SGA for a vote

Students should refer to the Student Activities Handbook for complete information about forming and maintaining clubs. All forms may be picked up from and submitted to the Office of Student Life. Check the contact information for the student life coordinator in the Contact box tab on this page.


Alpha Beta Gamma (Business Honor Society)

Sponsor: Dr. Anne Kenner

Club Meetings:
Day - Monday,
Time - 3:30 PM
Locaiton - Building 4, Auditorium
Frequency - Bi-Weekly - check campus calendar for dates

Criminology Club

Sponsor: Tonia Graham

Club Meetings:
Day - Wednesday
Time - 5 to 6 PM
Location - Building 8, Rm 126
Frequency - Bi-weekly - check campus calendar for dates

Dance Club

Sponsor: Whitney Stites

Club Meetings:
Day - Wednesday
Time - 3 to 4 PM
Location - Building 9, Dance Studio
Frequency - Weekly

Environmental Club 

Sponsor: Scott Herber

Mission Statement:
Our mission statement is to promote environmental stewardship through the service of its Members, educate the public of the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem through community outreach and support the Eastern Florida State College Melbourne Campus in its efforts to pursue and maintain a sustainable environment.

Club Meetings:
Days - Friday
Time - 10:30 to 11:30 AM
Location - Greenhouse
Frequency - Weekly

Florida Student Nursing Association (FSNA)

Sponsor: Alyce Riddle

Cynthia Anderson

Mission Statement:
To aid in the preparation of nursing students for the assumption of professional responsibilities, development of the whole person and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of lide. To provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns. To encourage nursing students to promote and maintain high educational and professional standards and provide opportunity for exchange of ideas. To promote a closer bond and a more unified spirit among nursing students and promote a professional and social unity within the chapter.

Contact sponsors for more details.

Gaming Club 

Sponsor: Dr. Rick Parrish

Club Meetings:
Day - Thursday
Time - 3 PM
Location - Building 2, Rm 218
Frequency - Bi-weekly - check campus calendar for dates

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 

Sponsor: Janna Schledorn

Mission Statement:
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s mission is to build witnessing communities of students and faculty who grow in love for God and learn to serve him in the world through participation in Bible study, community outreach, and leadership training.

Club Meetings:
Day - Wednesday
Time - 3 PM
Location - Pavilion
Frequency - Weekly

Legal Society

Sponsor: Dr. Melissa Secrist

Club Meetings:
Day - Monday
Time - 2pm

Location: Melbourne Building 8, Rm 220
Frequency: 4th Monday of the month

Please attend the meetings for more information

Phi Theta Kappa 

Sponsor: Dr. Brian Maxwell

Mission Statement:
Phi Theta Kappa's mission is to both recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and also provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship projects.

Club Meetings:
Day - Thursday
Time - 4:30 PM
Location - Building 1, Rm 239
Frequency - Check campus calendar for dates

Psychology Club

Sponsor: Sharon Kline

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Psychology Club is to increase awareness of the world around us, in terms that can be applied to our everyday lives. Personal growth is a life-long endeavor which can be an enlightening and many times, enjoyable, trek.

Club Meetings:
Day - Monday
Time - 4:30 to 5:30 PM
Location - Building 7, Rm 111
Frequency - Bi-weekly - check campus calendar for dates

Radiology/Radiography Club of EFSC

Sponsors: Susan Sheehan

Sandi Lanza

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Radiology Club of EFSC is to provide students at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) with the forum to learn about and discuss Radiology as a career.

Contact the sponsors for more details.

Student Government Association

Sponsor: Jessica Gann

Mission Statement:
Acts as a liaison between the students, administration and faculty and to provide for and encourage active student participation in school affairs as well as to assist in the establishment and maintenance of conditions conducive to student success, student learning, student retention and an enriched extracurricular environment.

Titan Healthcare Professionals


Dr. Linda Miedema

Dr. Kristen Schroeder

Mission Statement:

To build a better future for pre-health students and the general public as a united community of healthcare providers.


• Serve students in their exploration in the health care field
• Promote the health and wellness of the student body
•Provide service to enrich our community

Club Meetings: TBD