Friday, December 2: Regularly scheduled activities have resumed on the EFSC Palm Bay Campus following a power outage that had canceled Thursday evening classes. All EFSC Libraries are open for Friday hours until 1 PM, including Palm Bay. The Libraries also have special Sunday hours on December 4 from 1 to 5 PM to support Finals Week studying and end-of-term projects.

EFSC students share what their service-learning/volunteer experience has meant to them.

"It has taught me to be more generous and charitable toward my community, as well as given me a better understanding of others."

"It provided a wonderful opportunity to learn and serve my college. Everything in the class was meaningful and bore relevance to societal issues. I learned how important it was to fully understand an issue so you can be capable of fully addressing [it]."

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"This program assisted me in growing as a student and a person. I am more confident now about pursuing my current goals than I was before."

"It honestly made me realize how precious life is and to always keep close to your morals, values, beliefs, family and friend[s]."

"It has allowed me to improve essential occupational skills and to have a better understanding of what it means to work in health care."

"It meant a lot to help overcome my anxiety near horses, so I can work well with them."

"This experience made my perspective on life change. Never take anything for granted."

"It showed me how others can be selfless and put others before themselves."