Service-Learning Goals & Functions:

• Recruit and place students in meaningful and educational community service positions
• Coordinate volunteer and service-learning activities, programs and support services for students, faculty and community organizations
• Support students in service-learning activities and projects
• Provide framework/methods to link service with curriculum

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• Involve and support faculty who utilize the service-learning pedagogy and teach community service-learning
• Assist the community with the development and enhancement of volunteer and  service-learning programming
• Administer grant projects
• Develop student and faculty incentives for community involvement
• Partner with the Brevard County School District and community organizations
• Document student Service Hours on Academic Transcript (SHOAT)
• Provide employee community service opportunities
• Administer American Reads, Citizen Scholars and Service-Learning Leader Projects

Activities and Tasks:

• Recruitment and Promotion • Recognition
• Orientation and Training • Reflection and Portfolio Development
• Matching and Placement • Evaluation and Research
• Follow-Up and Monitoring • Office and Program Management
• Supervision