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EFSC Faculty: Service-Learning Steps for Involvement

Step 1: Meet with Center for Service-Learning Director or Regional Coordinator
  • Review guidelines, Faculty Guide, and syllabi samples.

Step 2: If you choose to do course component, decide on best fit for your course(s).
  • Evaluative criteria, appropriate service sites or projects, number of service hours required, written or verbal reflection methods.

  • What extra points or percentage of grade involved?  In lieu of what?

Step 3: Choosing to include a reflection component.
  • What are reflection activities and the rationale for inclusion?

  • How will activity increase or enhance learning through the community service experience?

Step 4: Include Service-Learning in your syllabus or promulgate as addendum.

Step 5: If appropriate, arrange for CSL staff person to speak in class(es) about community opportunities and other process information.

Step 6: Distribute Service-Learning Status Form about week five or six of the term.

Step 7: If using reflection component, include at least one feedback session/debriefing session near the end of the students' assignments.

Step 8: Complete the service-learning component assessment form and discuss with Service-Learning Director or Regional Coordinator

Step 9: Distribute and collect student service-learning questionnaires and forward to Center for Service-Learning.

Step 10: Share exemplary journal excerpts with Center for Service-Learning (with student permission).