Maintenance of Continuing Contract

The Center for Service-Learning offers Maintenance of Continuing Contract units for service-learning activities. Faculty members can upgrade knowledge or skills through faculty service-learning participation or by leading a community service project with students. Participation must be certified through the Center.

Faculty Maintenance of Continuing Contract Testimonials

"On a personal level, working on the science mural, I learned how to design and create a mural using a modular unit, a new way of stretching canvases, a new way of coordinating the design and execution of a large project while working with several instructors and numerous students."

"As a volunteer, I was able to contribute time and some academic knowledge related to resource research which was not previously available to the organization. I was made keenly aware of the need to have committed, long-term volunteers with a variety of professional/ academic knowledge to contribute to the many non-profit organizational needs."

"The service-learning mathematics tutorial option at Palm Bay campus was initiated in the fall of 1995. I started the activity as a way for students to replace a poor test grade with a great test grade. It has since blossomed into a mathematics tutorial program that benefits both EFSC students and the community in general. The feedback from students participating in the program has been positive. Many have stayed on to tutor well beyond their required 20 hours. When the student experiences teaching from the other side of the desk it is an eye-opening experience. I often ask students if they can feel my pain. One student who hated math at the beginning of the term went on to become a math tutor once he experienced the great feeling of making a difference in the lives of others. Many gain an appreciation of the subject knowing they are not alone in their struggle with math. I would like to thank the service-learning staff for their tireless work within the community. They approached me many years ago about incorporating service-learning in my mathematics courses. It has been a win-win situation between students and the community ever since."

"Since I teach General Biology, my fieldwork with sea turtles provides relevant examples of biological principles for presentation in my course. It has also reinforced principles learned during my undergraduate work (BS in Environmental Health, Old Dominion University)."