Service Learning Benefits

Volunteer and service-learning experiences are reciprocally beneficial for both the community and students. For many community organizations, students augment service delivery and meet crucial human needs. For students, community service is an opportunity to enrich and apply classroom knowledge; explore careers or majors; develop civic skills; enhance personal growth and self-image; develop job connections; and most of all foster a concern for social responsibility and commitment to human service.

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Service-learning Benefits

For Students

•Enriched learning
•Documented experience
•Skill development
•Transferable credit
•Improved self esteem
•Critical thinking skills
•Job contacts
•Making a difference
•Broader horizons
•Improved health, vitality
•Application of classroom knowledge
•Civic literacy and skills

For the College

•Improved public service delivery
•Broadened conception of educational role
•Increased learning opportunities
•Check relevance of learning
•Improved motivational base of instruction and learning
•Improved linkages to community
•Reorients education process to meet human needs
•Improved community college relations
•Improved student satisfaction and retention
•Improved student preparation for work and transfer to senior institutions

For the Community

 Augmented service delivery
•Increased human resources for problem solving
•Better career selection choices for students
•Increased access to college resources
•Improved college-community relations
•Increased ability to hire good students
•More contributions to meet human needs
•Increased future citizen support/commitment
•Expanded roles for student supervisors

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