Parking Permit Pick-Up Locations

Temporary permits can be exchanged at these Campus Security Offices:

  • Cocoa Campus: Security Building 1, Front Lobby
  • Melbourne Campus:Security Building 1, Room 123
  • Palm Bay Campus: Security Building 1, Room 101B
  • Titusville Campus: Security Building 1, Room 101A

Security speaking with student

2016-17 Student Parking Permits Available Now

All vehicles operated by students and employees in connection with attendance or employment at Eastern Florida State College MUST display a valid and current parking permit. Student permits expire each June 30 and a new one must be purchased effective July 1. Parking Permits give the registered holders the privilege of parking on campus but do not guarantee the holder a desired parking space. The inability to find a desired parking space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of any parking regulation.

Parking permits are to be displayed and affixed to the left (driver’s side) rear bumper OR the outside, left (driver’s side) rear window of the vehicle. PARKING PERMITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE from one vehicle to another.

Temporary Parking Passes are available for guests, visitors and other parking situations that may warrant a temporary pass and will be evaluated by an authorized agent of the college. Temporary Parking Passes are available at the Security Office on each campus.

The college assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on property used for the purposes of Eastern Florida State College.

To purchase an annual parking permit, students must follow these steps:

• Log-in to the myEFSC portal using your B-number and PIN and then choose Titan Web.
• Click on "Student Services," then "Parking Permits" and then "Request a Permit."
• Students either must select a vehicle that's already registered at EFSC or add a new vehicle to the registry.
• Click "Submit" once the parking permit request is complete. Your account will be charged $40, plus tax per vehicle and the request for a permanent parking permit will be processed.
• A printable temporary parking permit will be provided in Titan Web Services, which students can print and display on the left-hand side of the vehicle's dashboard for seven days.
• Prior to the expiration of the temporary permit, it must be exchanged at a Campus Security Office for an Annual Parking Permit to avoid citations. Security Offices are open 24 hours and officers are also happy to assist students with the permit process if they have trouble accessing the online system.
• Once the permanent Parking Permit is obtained it must be affixed to the left-hand, outside of the rear of the vehicle; either on the back bumper or the lower, left-hand side of the rear window. Permits that are taped or affixed inside of a window will be cited. Motorcycles must have the permit affixed in an easily visible place.
• If you have any questions about this process, contact your Campus Security Office.

Parking & Traffic Regulations/Fines

Parking and traffic regulations are established by the College and enforced on all campuses. Students must park only in designated parking areas. Violation of regulations shall result in fines being assessed in accordance with the schedule of fines approved by the Board of Trustees and an administrative hold may be placed on the release of student records, grades and transcripts until the full payment of the assessed fines.

Parking violations by students shall be considered violations of the student conduct code and may be subject to discipline including, without limitation, probation, suspension and expulsion from the College. See the link in the left column for a full explanation of the regulations.

Restricted areas are: Disabled (blue), Faculty/Staff (yellow), and Fire Lanes (red). A 15 mile-per-hour speed limit applies to all EFSC campuses. When driving on Campus, you must obey all traffic laws as you would when driving on city streets, including completely stopping at all STOP signs.

 Traffic Violation Fines: Click each for details.

Non-Moving: $15

  • No Decal / Improper display of decal (increases to $25 after the second citation)
  • Over lines (Yellow, Red, Blue, White)
  • Adding unauthorized parking spaces
  • No Parking Zone (Red)
  • Posted Areas (No parking, visitor, college vehicle only)
  • Driveways
  • Double Parked
  • Seeded or cultivated area
  • Service entrance/ Loading zones
  • Staff/ Faculty parking (Yellow)
  • In loading zone
  • On sidewalks, walkways or roadways
  • Littering
  • After second parking violation, fee rises to $30

Moving (minor): $15

  • Driving on cultivated area
  • Violating one way sign
  • Failure to completely stop at stop signs
  • Loud music

Moving (major): $30

  • Driving over posted speed (15mph)
  • Careless/ reckless driving

Tow Away and Certain Parking Violations: $30

  • Parked in Handicapped space
  • Parked in front of fire hydrant
  • Third or more parking violations
  • Vehicles will be towed at owner's expense for various violations, including but not limited to: chronic violations (vehicles receiving more than two parking violations); blocking entrances or fire lanes; long-term disabled vehicles using handicapped space without handicapped permits or blocking handicapped parking areas.