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Joseph Duda: Entrepreneurship Lectures, Nov. 13 & 14

The Simpkins seminars were endowed by Brevard County entrepreneur Bernard W. Simpkins to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The free lectures bring entrepreneurs to the College to speak about their challenges and triumphs. They also offer insight into today’s economic trends. In 2010, the Simpkins lecture series was the springboard for the creation of a nationally recognized college-wide academic program. Known as the Business Entrepreneurship Program, it was named the best emerging program by the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship in 2010. Students may earn certificates at two levels of entrepreneurship expertise, receive an Associate's Degree that can transfer to a Bachelor's level advanced entrepreneurship program — or simply specialize in the skills they need to start a business.

Click here to learn more about the Entrepreneurship Program.[BROKEN LINK]