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Program Information

Health Science Advisor


Contact:  Suzanne A. Sparling, APR
Office:   321-433-7022 Cell: 321-537-6986

BCC Launches Health Information Technology Degree

May 14, 2013 - Beginning Fall Term 2013, Brevard Community College will offer a limited access Associate in Science Degree in Health Information Technology. The application deadline is June 1.

This program is designed to prepare students to take the AHIMA national certification examination to become a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) in as little as two years.

Additionally, those who are already working as Medical Information Coding and Billing specialists can enroll in the program on a fast track degree program. The following requirements must be met in order to take advantage of the fast-track degree program:

•    Student must have graduated from an approved program (AHIMA/AAPC) within a minimum of three years prior to  acceptance to the AS/HIT program, and/or
•    Student must hold a current AHIMA/AAPC certification, and/or
•    Student must currently be employed in the field for at least three years

Graduates of an approved program will be awarded 34 credit hours toward the A.S. degree.

Health Information Technology professionals are experts in managing and administering computerized patient health information systems and providing the diagnosis and procedure codes for healthcare services provided to patients.

These professionals work in a multitude of settings throughout the healthcare industry including hospitals, physician offices and clinics, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, government agencies and home care providers.

Employment of Health Information Technicians is expected to increase by 21% until 2020, faster than the average for all occupations, as the demand for health services is expected to increase as our population ages.

An increased need for additional testing/ treatment and procedures will result in additional claims processing for reimbursement from private/public insurance. The processing of these additional records coupled with the widespread use of electronic health information by all types of healthcare providers, should lead to an increased need for technicians to organize and manage the associated information in all areas of the health care industry.

Those interested should contact a Health Science Advisor by calling 321-433-7575 or visit the program on our website[BROKEN LINK].