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Career Center Helping Students Land Jobs

May 30, 2012 - The new Career Planning and Development Center on the BCC Cocoa Campus is quickly proving its value by successfully placing more than 57 students in full and part time positions at a number of local businesses.

“These results are proof the center meets a crucial need for not only our students, but local businesses as well,” said BCC President, Dr. Jim Richey. “It’s heart-warming to know that we’ve been able to give our students a chance to continue their studies while ensuring an opportunity to gain work experience in preparation for the job market.”

The new center opened in February in response to Dr. Richey’s vision for the College and his desire to enhance opportunities for students preparing to enter today’s highly competitive workforce. He also hoped to make the center a place where Space Coast businesses come to hire new workers - a goal that is already gaining notice by a number of companies.

Some of the businesses taking advantage of the center’s recent job fairs include Primerica: hired four students as financial representatives; Diamond Systems: provided one student with a customer service and marketing position; Indian River Colony Club: hired a student as a graphic design assistant; Pet Supermarket: hired seven students for their new store in Melbourne in sales and management positions; ISGN: provided a part-time position; Devereux: hired three students; Harris: hired one student; and Face Time Strategy: hired four for marketing positions.

The biggest partner to date has been McDonald's. More than 12 students have been hired in the past few months, many as assistant managers in training for the fast-food restaurant chain. McDonald's has offered newly-employed BCC students more than a pay check. They also gain benefits such as reimbursement for books, bonuses and even days off prior to final exams for preparation.

Carolyn Banke, area supervisor for McDonald’s, was enthusiastic about the partnership with the center and expressed her satisfaction with the results of the job fairs the center has provided.

“It’s been mutually advantageous for us to be involved with BCC in this way. I certainly plan to schedule additional activities at the career center sites at the other BCC campuses in the future. We’re pleased to be able to help local students support their families while they work to achieve their higher education goals,” she said.

Career Center staff enable students to jump-start their career planning efforts the moment they begin their higher education journey at BCC, starting with interest assessment tools that help students narrow down career choices.

“Students have to prepare themselves for a very difficult job market,” said Gloria Meeks, College-wide Associate Director of the Career Planning and Development Center. “What we do is offer students professional development, including how to write a resume, how to present themselves and interview. We also offer them information on job-hunting Web sites and job fairs. We give them the whole package.”

The center offers a wide range of services for employers and organizations in the community that reflect student/alumni interest and meet employer/organization needs, such as job posting, on-campus job recruitment, internships, job fairs and interview facilities.

“Companies are going to hire, and are hiring, but they expect a level of knowledge from the people applying for the job,” says Cathy Cady, Director of Student Recruitment and Support Services.

For more information on the center, contact Gloria Meeks at 321-433-7744 or, or Cathy Cady at 321-433-7419 or