Friday, August 18, 11:40 AM Update: The lockdown has been lifted on EFSC's Cocoa Campus after an incident involving nearby Cocoa High School. Cocoa Police say an anonymous threatening phone call related to the high school prompted the short lockdown this morning. After checks of the area, it was found to be safe and lockdowns at both EFSC and Cocoa H.S. were lifted. Updates will be posted on this website and EFSC social media.

Board of Trustees Special Meeting

April 9, 2013 - The BCC Board of Trustees will hold a special business meeting on Wednesday, April 17 at 9 AM.

The meetings will be held at The King Center for the Performing Arts in rehearsal room 168.

The purpose of the meeting is to address recommended disciplinary action involving a faculty member.

Please contact Gina Cline at 321-433-7024 for further details.


Contact:  John J. Glisch, Associate Vice President, Communications
Office:  321-433-7017  Cell: 321-794-0324