Scholarship Recipient Randall Garland

Randall Garland"Money has never been readily available in my home. Call it luck, circumstance or poor planning — whatever, the point is, often I find myself trying to scrape together for the most basic of things.

"To me a scholarship isn’t just money in an account somewhere — it’s an opportunity; it’s a chance to move beyond your circumstance and grow towards something so much more. To me it was an opportunity to become the person I see myself as.

"What can I say really, other than how grateful I am that I was chosen out of so many others to receive such a wonderful chance to be what I know I can be, and for that I am eternally thankful.

"College is so much more than a group of young adults going to class and hurrying to finish homework in the library the same hour it’s due. It truly is one of the few places left where if you truly work hard enough, you can lift yourself out of and beyond your circumstances.

"The teachers at Eastern Florida State College are phenomenal and being afforded the chance to learn under them was truly wonderful.

"Thank you, to every single person who believed in me enough to pay my way to a better me."