Scholarship Recipient Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams and daughter

"I am deeply honored to be awarded the P. Kosinski Educational Fund Scholarship from the Eastern Florida State College Foundation. It will allow me to continue toward my first educational goal — earning my Associate in Arts Degree.

"Once that is achieved, I will be able to continue on to gain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education. This scholarship has become essential in my goal to one day become a teacher. I can think of no higher calling that to help mold our future, our children, into the successful adult citizens they have the potential to become.

"Before I turned 30, I lost both my mother and my father. Not having their support has been rough and made it hard to fulfill my goals. My husband and I have had to struggle and sacrifice to keep my education on track. Being the mother of four children adds a lot to daily responsibilities. Being a stay-at-home mother trying to pursue a degree at the same time has left us with only one income to support us all.

"This scholarship is a much needed and greatly appreciated godsend. Thank you again for your generosity. It will be put to good use."