Scholarship recipient Natasha Diaz's many goals

Natasha Diaz

"My name is Natasha Diaz, and I am currently enrolled in the Nursing Program at Eastern Florida State College, working on my Associate in Science degree. Over the Summer and Fall, I received a scholarship from the EFSC Foundation and its Vivian Corson Johnson Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to further my studies and continue along in the nursing program.

Nursing has always been my dream. Now I can focus on my studies without having to worry about a financial burden at the end.

When I started this program, all I really wanted to do was become a nurse and help people. Being able to afford to continue in the program has made me realize that not only do I want to be a nurse, I want to specialize once I graduate. Within the next two years, I will work toward earning my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and become a cardiac nurse. I also want to obtain my ACLS as well as my CCRN credentials along the way. I truly have so many goals that I want to achieve, and I know that in due time I will accomplish them. It will just take time.

Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to purchase supplemental books to aid in my studies. It also provided me with funds for transportation. This was huge for me as I have clinicals every week, classes and a child to care for all at the same time. I also saved a bit of the scholarship to use for another term, and purchased more books as well as school supplies for the next term, which was a blessing.

Taking care of a child and attending school to better yourself and the life of your child is hard - especially when funds are limited. The scholarship you provided me has made my journey easier and less stressful. Thank you once again for your support."