Scholarship Recipient Chardé Brown

Charde Brown

"The scholarship I received from the Eastern Florida State College Foundation has by far played a very important part in my life as a student here at EFSC.

"When I decided to come back and finish school, I was faced with how I was going to pay for school. Well, last year I came across a lady and her husband. She mentioned to me that most schools offer a foundation scholarship, where people donate money to schools to help students with paying for school.

"When I received the great news, I gained hope all over again. To know that there are people out there who believe in my vision to complete school debt free!! It’s so amazing.

"The scholarship definitely lifted a heavy burden off of my shoulders. I promised myself long before I knew about this Foundation program that I would give back to EFSC by creating a scholarship for students like me who didn’t receive grants or free money from the state.

"Words can’t express how grateful I am to be a recipient of such a wonderful program. I thank God for all who donate and believe in people like me. THANK YOU!"