The impact of making a difference

Thanks to donors to the Eastern Florida State College Foundation, students at the College can realize their dreams for a better life through higher education. From paying course tuition to buying expensive textbooks, the dollars given translate into real-life differences for thousands of students thanks to the Titan Awards Scholarship system. Here are a few of the recipient's stories to watch and read. Please help more students by donating to the Titan Annual Fund.

Niccole Patellis: EFSC Aerospace Technology graduate
female student Niccole Patellis

"This scholarship means more to me than just money because it gave me the ability to focus more on my studies and worry less about the financial aspect of going back to school. Having a family, it's difficult to raise them and go to school at the same time without worrying about the financial obligations that go along with that. If you were the donor I would say thank you so much. It meant a lot. It made me feel like I had a team."
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Raquel MagalhaesRaquel Magalhaes on the emotional impact of a scholarship

"Having someone believe I deserve a scholarship is really motivational. It has helped me to realize that all the work and effort I put into learning is even more valuable than I thought. I promise I will make this opportunity count and do my best to make sure you know that your choice was the right one. I hope someday I can repay this gift by helping somebody else feel the same joy I am feeling right now."
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Janelis RodriguezJanelis Rodriguez wants to pay it forward in life and her career

"Many people take life, kindness and even other people for granted. They feel entitled and never pay it forward. I am the total opposite. This scholarship has taught me that people who have suffered can be noticed and appreciated, as well or better than those who just get handed things in life. I live each and every day to the fullest because I know the people who selected me for this scholarship believe in me.Read the rest of Janelis' story

Charde BrownScholarship recipient Chardé Brown plans to give back

"The scholarship definitely lifted a heavy burden off of my shoulders. I promised myself long before I knew about this Foundation program that I would give back to EFSC by creating a scholarship for students like me who didn’t receive grants or free money from the state."
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Natasha DiazScholarship helps Natasha Diaz balance home life and college

"Nursing has always been my dream. Now I can focus on my studies without having to worry about a financial burden at the end. Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to purchase supplemental books to aid in my studies. It also provided me with funds for transportation. This was huge for me as I have clinicals every week, classes and a child to care for all at the same time. The scholarship you provided me has made my journey easier and less stressful."
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EFSC graduate Carlo CanalesGraduate Carlo Canales sets example for children

"I graduated from the Eastern Florida State College Aerospace Technology program Spring 2015 — a task that was possible thanks to the financial help I received. Now, I am applying to many companies and I’m sure the sacrifice will be worth it! Thank you, to every single person who believed in me enough to pay my way to a better me."
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Rachel WilliamsLocal mom Rachel Williams combines college and family

"Before I turned 30, I lost both my mother and my father. Not having their support has been rough and made it hard to fulfill my goals. My husband and I have had to struggle and sacrifice to keep my education on track. Being a stay-at-home mother trying to pursue a degree at the same time has left us with only one income to support us all. This scholarship is a much needed and greatly appreciated godsend. Thank you again for your generosity"
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Titan Scholarships Icon The Titan Scholarships online system for Spring Term 2019 Scholarships closed at 11:59 PM on Monday, October 29. Students who applied should check their email frequently for updates. Current and admitted EFSC students can also research external scholarships and apply for need-based financial aid.