Professional Development Standing Committee

The Professional Development Standing Committee (PDSC) gives the faculty at Eastern Florida State College a voice in their professional development. The committee makes recommendations to the administration concerning teaching in a higher education institute and professional development opportunities. This committee also field appeals for maintenance of continuing contract issues as addressed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

PDSC Members for 2017-18 Academic Year
(Term expiration at semester end)

Belynda Cain (Speech), Melbourne, Spring 2018
Marianne D’Altillo (Vet. Tech), Cocoa, Spring 2018
Ilana Grimes (Humanities), Melbourne, Spring 2019
Anthony Haman (Political Science), Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Patricia Harmon (Accounting), Cocoa, Spring 2019
Monica Hixon (Speech), Cocoa, Spring 2018
Mansoor Khan (Humanities), Cocoa, Spring 2018
Luke Leonard (Humanities), Titusville (CTE Liaison), Spring 2018
Dr. Brian Maxwell (English), Vice Chair, Melbourne, Spring 2019
Dr. Holly McKnight (Education), Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Slav Peytchev (Chemistry), Melbourne, Spring 2019
Patricia Rock (Medical Assisting), Palm Bay, Spring 2017
Jeanette Thompson (Nursing), Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Annmarie Waite (Nursing), Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Carrie Wells (English), Chair, Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Phaedra Williams (Med. Lab. Tech), Cocoa, Spring 2019
Barbara Kennedy, Administration (primary/non-voting)
Dr. Anne Kenner, TPDC Liaison (non-voting)