Speech Instructor Writes Book on Relationship Communication

Paul SpampanatoPaul Spampanato, Speech instructor, Cocoa Campus, has channeled his professional communication skills into his book, "Halo Again: A Journey in Communication Intelligence for Life-Long Relationships," published in September, 2014.

The title hints at both rekindling a romance and encircling it with a halo of love. The book explores why relationships often fail and offers communication strategies for maintaining life-long relationships.

Spampanato’s theory is that the value we place on a relationship drives the way we communicate with that partner. Because the relationship and the communication within it are so entwined, the only way to improve one is to improve the other.

Paul V. Spampanato earned his Bachelors in Political Science with a Minor in Philosophy, and his Masters in Communication from the State University of New York (SUNY): College at Brockport. Prior to moving to Florida and beginning his teaching career, Spampanato worked for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY for 10 years. For the last five years, he has taught at Eastern Florida State College's Cocoa Campus, and for the last three years, has also taught at the University of Central Florida, Cocoa Campus as a visiting instructor.

Spampanato lives in Cocoa and has two daughters and one son.

The digital version of the book is available via Amazon. Here's the site's description:

"Amidst the deluge of relationship books and relationship experts, Paul Spampanato took a step out on a limb to provide a heartfelt, sometimes humorous, but very intuitive look at how and why our relationships often fail. He bases his theory that Communication Intelligence needs to drive our relationships because the way that we communicate is based largely on the value we place on any given relationship. In his book "Halo Again: A Journey in Communication Intelligence," he developed this concept of Communication Intelligence by sharing the pitfalls of his own relationship, along with the lessons he learned both during, and following, his divorce. The book outlines the four main characteristics that must exist in your relationship for it to thrive: Nurturing, Sharing, Encouraging and Working together. Structured together as a compass, NSEW, these concepts are illustrated from a communication perspective both verbal and non-verbal."