Instructor Releases Two Novels

Michelle Richard

Michelle Richard's love of writing blossomed from her years of working in the education field. She is an instructor in the College's Office Administration program.

As an author, her desire is to use her writing to help woman see themselves the way God sees them, a goal she accomplishes by writing in the Christian fiction genre.

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Her novel entitled “Waiting on the Lord, Second Edition" was release in January 2014. The story introduces readers to Isabella Townsend, who finally content for the first time in her life, can’t help but wonder if she had followed the road less traveled, would she have grown to be the woman she is today? The character has dealt with much tragedy, including an accident that left her father nearly paralyzed and in constant pain, and an abusive 10-year marriage.

Isabelle's mother used to tell her to wait on the Lord, but Isabella was never very good at waiting. The book follows her story as she puts that advice to the test.

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Another novel, "A Crimson Ribbon." was also released in 2014 by publisher Tate Publishing and Enterprises.

Both novels are available through Tate Publishing at, plus bookstores nationwide including and