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The need for global awareness

Global learning brings together three related dimensions: Global which encompasses events, patterns and phenomena that transcend national borders; International which focuses on nations and their relationships; and intercultural, providing the student with the knowledge and skills to understand cultural differences.

Scholars define global learning as "the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students acquire through a variety of experiences that enable them to understand world cultures and events; analyze global systems; appreciate cultural differences; and apply this knowledge and appreciation to their lives as citizens and workers."

Globally competent students incorporate the principles of diversity, instilling an appreciation for differing cultural perspectives with the concepts of global thinking to gain understanding of how their own behavior affects and is affected by world events and patterns.

In addition to the College's Study Abroad Programs, our faculty have found unique ways to bring intercultural experiences to their students right here in Brevard County. For example, EFSC education professor Susan Lamm-Merritt arranged a cultural exchange in connection with a Chinese performing group's visit to the King Center that enhanced her classroom lessons on diversity.

The Center for Teaching Excellence welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with faculty, staff and administrators to strengthen our commitment to educating globally competent students.

magazine cover

Core Values: Infusing Global Awareness Across the General Education Curriculum

Read this insightful article that originally appeared in NAFSA’s International Educator magazine (November/December 2013, Volume 22, Number 6). Shared with permission.